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Bring Your Own Device Policy & Procedures

Students who are using a personal device (laptop or chromebook) can choose to bring their device to school or not. Tablets and phones should not be brought to school. All students who bring a personal device to school are required to have a signed copy of the BYOD Consent Form (Spanish) on record.

    • If the student brings their personal device, the school will need to follow BYOD guidelines.

    • If the student does not bring his or her device, he or she cannot share a device with another student. Teachers will need to develop lessons that allow students  to be successful without the requirement of technology access at school. 

 General guidelines:

    • Bring the device charged to school each day.

    • Make sure your personal device and charger are clearly labeled with your name. 

    • Students with personal devices need to be able to independently use their device.