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Summer School Applications


Thank you for your interest in applying to attend the 2022 Millbrook High School Summer School program. Our Summer School program this year requires all students to attend each day on campus. Students will be assigned to either a morning OR afternoon session. A remote learning option will not be offered this summer. A student may be offered the opportunity to enroll in a maximum of one (1) credit recovery course at a time. Students may be offered the opportunity to earn additional credits upon successful completion of an initial course.

We will only have a limited number of seats available for summer school this year. In addition to reviewing a student’s attendance/participation in their courses and academic history, the following criteria will be considered to determine which students are offered the opportunity to attend summer school this year. NCVPS / New Courses* / On-line (Courses approved for students who require a course in order to complete a specific program at Millbrook, i.e. early graduation, Digital Media Academy, International Baccalaureate. Consult your counselor for additional requests.)

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