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Broughton High School 2023-24 Teacher of the Year

Broughton High School’s 23-24 Teacher of the Year

Ms. Cassie Blackwelder

Ms. Daughenbach, Ms. Blackwelder and Mr. Hatch holding pom poms smiling

I began my teaching journey at the prompting of my mother in the middle of the year in a podunk town where I found out what I was teaching the first day I arrived. It was where my students didn't know what Costco was and I didn't know why there were eggs in meatloaf, but we struggled through. I taught them how to cook and they taught me how to be a teacher.


Soon after, I moved to a bigger school, taught more subjects, and my department encouraged me to grow in leadership. I led clubs, took students on trips, ran fundraisers, and completed my National Boards. My students taught me how to be a better teacher.

I came to Broughton and finally felt at home. A place where my colleagues and administration support my program, and me as a person, through tough times, personal and professional. It is where my students have taught me more than I could ever teach them. I am honored to be considered among those I admire most, who teach me daily what it means to be a great teacher.