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Broughton - Plan A Information

This message was sent on 4/7 at noon by email and text.


Happy Wednesday! This is Elena Ashburn, principal of Broughton. You are receiving this message because your child(ren) is registered to come to in-person learning in Plan A. We are looking forward to seeing even more of our students back in the building!


All Students Eligible to Start Tomorrow, Thursday, April 8: Originally, only students previously enrolled in Plan B and students with IEPs or 504s were slated to return to in-person learning tomorrow, Thursday, April 8 and students changing from Virtual Academy to Plan A who did not have an IEP or 504 would return on Monday, April 19. Given that the increase in the number of students we have returning in Plan A is not significant, we are able to welcome all students enrolled in Plan A back to in-person learning tomorrow, Thursday, April 8. Currently, we anticipate that around 1,255 students will be in-person this Thursday. 


3 Ws & Social Distancing: In Plan A, our 3Ws remain in place. Masking is required at all times anywhere on school grounds, even outside. We will not tolerate non-compliance with masking. Also, we continue to encourage students to practice 6 feet of social distancing whenever it is possible. In Plan A, of course, there will be times where 6 feet of separation is not possible, as our student count and facilities do not necessarily allow for that amount of space. Students should also continue to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer frequently. 


Instructional Bell Schedule: We included in last week’s parent message the updated instructional bell schedule that we will implement beginning Thursday, April 8. This updates our live instructional period to 60 minutes from 45 minutes, with the remaining 30 minutes being used as in-person support time. Please know that we will continue to teach courses concurrently each period, so teachers will be instructing students both in-person and virtually. We appreciate your continued patience with us in this new transition. You can find the updated instructional bell schedule here.


Health Screenings: Beginning tomorrow, Thursday, April 8th, students and families will be asked to begin self-screening their child(ren) prior to coming to school. We will no longer be conducting on-site health screenings prior to 1st period. Families should ensure that they have screened their child(ren) for a fever by taking their child(ren)’s temperature each morning prior to school. Additionally, Students should not be in school if they are diagnosed with COVID-19, exposed to someone with COVID-19, instructed to quarantine, or if they are sick or experiencing any symptom of illness. If students develop any symptom of illness during school hours, they will be required to leave school. 


Morning Procedure: Even with our move to self-screening, students can only enter the building each morning in one of two places: either the front east portico entrance or the Holliday gym entrance. When students enter the building at these two access points, they will be required to stay in the auditorium, cafeteria, or gym until the bell to report to 1st period sounds. 


Attendance: We will continue to mark attendance in quarter 4 the way we have been this year, so students are marked either present, absent (excused or unexcused), tardy to class, or present off-site. If you have questions, please contact your child’s administrator.


Off Campus Lunch: Beginning Thursday, April 8, eligible juniors and seniors who have signed up can go off campus for lunch. These students will be required to leave campus only at the front east portico or at the top of Cameron Street by the Holliday gym where their off campus lunch passes will be checked. It’s important to note that students are not able to eat anywhere on campus outside of designated lunch areas during lunch times, so students will not be permitted to bring off campus lunch food into classrooms. If an eligible junior or senior hasn’t signed up for an off campus lunch pass and desires to do so, she or he can contact Ms. Suzanne Quirk in Student Service


Lunch: 9th and 10th graders are required to remain on campus for lunch. As has always been the procedure, students can choose one of three places to each lunch, either the cafeteria, courtyard, or picnic area. Students will be required to report directly to one of those three areas and stay there. In those areas, administrators will seat students and give them directions. Given our student count, seats in the cafeteria are spaced 3 feet apart. In all areas, students are facing the same direction. Students will be instructed to remove their masks only to eat and will put their masks back on once they have finished eating. WCPSS policy states that students are not permitted to talk with other students when their masks are off. Administrators will continue to support students in this process.


Stairwells: In our move to Plan A, all stairwells can be used for both up and down directions throughout the day. 


Contact Tracing: We will continue to implement the contact tracing requirements that we have been following. Please be aware that we will notify students who meet the definition of exposure to any potential positive cases of COVID and are required to isolate. In Plan A, we will continue to implement 6 feet of social distancing to the extent possible; however, there will be times where it is not possible given our student count and facility size, as 6 feet of social distancing at all times in Plan A is not required. If you have questions, please contact your child’s administrator.


Bus Attestation: Any student riding the bus is required to complete the one-time online bus attestation form prior to getting on the bus. 


Parking: As a reminder, previous parking passes used in Plan B are no longer in use. Only eligible seniors who have received a new parking tag can park on campus. Students who park on campus without a valid parking tag will be towed, so please plan accordingly. 


Thank you for your tremendous support this school year. I remain incredibly grateful for the Broughton school community that has supported our school and educators during a challenging year. There simply is no better school community. We cannot wait to see your kids tomorrow. Go, CAPS!