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Parking Tag Distribution Information


Parking Update 4 February 10, 2021


Parking Hanging-Tag Distribution During Plan B (3 Cohorts) for 2020-21 School Year


A decision has been made that the WCPSS will waive student parking fees* for the 2020-2021 school year as long as we remain in Attendance Plan B (3 Cohorts). Although there are no fees, students who have requested parking are expected to complete an on-line form that will provide the driver’s vehicle registration information and include an attestation reflecting their awareness of school rules pertaining to operating and parking vehicles. This on-line form must be completed before a parking hanging-tag will be issued to the student. The link to this on-line form is:


The only places on campus available for student parking are the designated student lots. To date, 355 students have been assigned parking spaces during Attendance Plan B (3 Cohorts). Since a space may be assigned up to three times to a different student in each cohort, these space assignments only pertain to days when there is normal instruction taking place for the student’s designated cohort group. Parking tags will be issued in Advisory Period on the first day of in person instruction as scheduled for each cohort. After each cohort’s first day of in person instruction, all students who park a motor vehicle on campus must display a current hanging-tag permit, it must be hung from the inside rearview mirror, facing the front of the vehicle, and students who fail to properly display the tag will be ticketed or have their tags and parking privileges revoked.


*Please note that if all students return to campus under Attendance Plan A later this school year, these parking assignments are void and all student parking assignments will be revisited. Should we move to the Plan A Attendance Plan, the district will charge students for parking by prorating the fee to be charged for the remaining time left in the school year based upon the school board’s previously approved $200 annual charge. If you have questions about parking, please email Assistant Principal Mr. Lentz,, and thank you! We look forward to having students back on campus very soon!