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Parking Sign Up for Spring Semester 2021


2020-2021 Broughton High School Parking Announcement 4                         


January 7, 2021


Under Plan B (3 Cohorts) there are 125 parking spaces put aside for student parking in the front lot.  It is assigned parking at no cost.  It will be restricted to Juniors and Seniors and only good for days that their cohort is scheduled to be on campus.  Parking tags will be distributed through the first Advisory Period and the tags will need to be displayed.  Should we return to Plan A (all students are on campus), these parking assignments will be terminated and students (Seniors have priority over Juniors) will be able to apply for permanent parking (150 spaces available) for the rest of the school year.  Unless excused by the school board, Plan A (permanent) spaces would need to be paid for at a prorated cost of $1.11 per day.  The deadline to signup for parking is January 18th and the link for Plan B (free) parking is below.  

Parking Sign-Up Portal 2021


Michael Lentz

Assistant Principal

N. B. Broughton High School

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