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Student Schedules for 2020/21 School Year


Students and Parents: 


Some students may be able to see a 2020-2021 schedule in PowerSchool.  Please note that these schedules are NOT correct or finalized.  Please do not email your counselor regarding schedule changes as the schedules are constantly being modified and adjusted throughout the summer. 


Final schedules will be made available in PowerSchool the week of August 10th.  If there is an issue with a schedule, please refer to Broughton's schedule change policy below shared with students and parents in the Spring:


Students will follow an approved schedule provided at the beginning of the school year based on their course requests from Spring. Schedule adjustments will only be considered for the following reasons during the first five days of the school year:

  • Student has a hole in their schedule or too many courses scheduled

  • Student has duplicate courses

  • Student has already received credit for the course

  • Student has not met the prerequisite for the course

  • Student needs a specific course to meet graduation requirements