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Parking for 2020/21 School Year

2020-2021 Broughton High School Parking Announcement 2 – August 4, 2020


Please Note There Are Two Policy Changes - Due to limited on-campus space for student parking, initially only rising seniors will be eligible to register for assigned parking for the upcoming school year.  Also, the normal prerequisite of having completed 25 hours of community service for each completed year of attendance at Broughton High School is being waived for the school year, due to the challenges that students are experiencing in finding safe and sufficient community service opportunities. 

Broughton High School has reserved 150 parking spaces in the front parking lot (adjacent to Peace Street) for assigned student on-campus parking in the up-coming 2020 -2021 school year.  The cost for parking on-campus next school year has not yet been determined by the school board, but the administration estimates that the student’s cost will be a prorated amount based upon last year’s charge, which was $200.  That prorated cost will be determined by the total number of days a student is assigned to physically be on campus during the 180-day school year.


The process of assigning student parking won’t begin until WCPSS determines the parking rate and it is determined when and how on-campus instruction will resume.  We currently have no estimate for when these key decisions may be made. 


Once the parameters (cost, dates, restrictions) for on-campus parking are finally determined, an On-line School Payment (OSP) portal will be established and its address will be published on the school’s website, through the PTSA bulletin, and via the principal’s weekly message, so that rising seniors will be able to utilize it to claim a space.  The portal will remain open until all parking has been claimed.  Should there be any additional parking spaces remaining unclaimed after all senior requests are satisfied, a window affording the opportunity for juniors to park may be opened and in that case it will be announced through the same media listed above.  Once a space is assigned to a student, it can’t be transferred to any other student without the prior approval of the administration. 


If you have any questions regarding parking please contact Mr. Lentz (919-856-7810 EXT 23260) and please stay safe and enjoy the remainder of your summer.