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Commencement Information for Class of 2020

Broughton High School 

Class of 2020 Commencement Update

May 15, 2020


Good morning! This is Elena Ashburn, principal of Broughton, with updated information regarding our Class of 2020 Commencement. Please be sure to read all of this information, as it has many updates and some action items for our seniors. 


Earlier this morning, Superintendent Moore and Board Chair Sutton shared with the community that we will be celebrating our seniors in multiple ways. The first part of our plan is to celebrate our seniors with a virtual graduation program. Another part of our plan is to have a celebration at each school that will honor our seniors by providing for a celebratory distribution of diplomas. Finally, the district has not ruled out a further celebration as a larger group in the summer or fall but that will depend on changes in state and local social distancing guidelines.


First, the Broughton High School virtual graduation will be broadcast at our original commencement date and time on Friday, June 12, 2020 at 2pm. This will include aspects of the traditional graduation program including student speeches, the turning of tassels, and the calling of each senior’s name. Closer to the graduation broadcast date, we will share avenues to access the ceremony via the school website. It will also be available later for families to view or save the video.


As a part of the virtual graduation, each student will have a slide that shows her or his senior portrait, name, and honor graduate and/or NC Scholar status. Students will have a brief opportunity to review their slide and suggest updates and verify content. On May 18, students will receive an email to their WCPSS email account giving them access to an online portal to review their information. Specifically:


  • We will be using your senior portrait. If you choose to use another photo, you will need to log into the portal to make that change.  
  • If you prefer not to have your photo and/or name used in the slideshow, please email Dr. Ashburn at to let her know.
  • The portal will open on May 20 at 8am and close on May 21 at 6pm. You will receive an email closer to the 20th with more information.



Also, your name will be read during the virtual graduation by our assistant principals, as is our graduation tradition. If you would like to provide clarity on how your name is pronounced, please call your assistant principal at the phone number below by 4pm on Monday, May 18 and leave a voicemail message, pronouncing your name clearly several times.


If Your Last Name Starts With...

Call this Assistant Principal’s Voice Mailbox...

A - C

Ms. Harrell 919-856-7810 ext 23261

D - Hi

Mr. MacGovern 919-856-7810 ext 23274

Ho - Mc

Mr. Ludwick 919-856-7810 ext 23262

Me - R

Mr. Cassady 919-856-7810 ext 23263

S - Z

Mr. Lentz 919-856-7810 ext 23263


Second, we are incredibly excited to share how we will honor each senior during graduation week while following district and state health guidelines. After meeting with a group of seniors two weeks ago and in hearing from many families, we found that three components of graduation were particularly meaningful for them, their peers, and their families: 

  1. Receiving a diploma at Broughton in-person and walking across the stage; 
  2. Signing the Broughton Bell Tower; and 
  3. Taking a picture in cap & gown on the front lawn. 

We are working through a plan to honor all three components for every graduating senior and to also be able to share this occasion with a small number of guests per senior. Seniors and their families deserve it!


Due to the required guidelines for social distancing, this will take several days to accomplish. Each senior and her or his specified number of guests will be scheduled for an appointment time on one of the following three dates and times: Wednesday, June 10; Thursday, June 11; or Friday, June 12 between 9am - 2pm. By no later than June 3, we will send this specific appointment time to seniors and their families. Included with this appointment time will be guidelines for logistics and required health precautions. 


Seniors, you all have worked incredibly hard these last 13 years of school, and we are so proud of you! While we know our current plans to celebrate you cannot replace what you have lost, we look forward to seeing you in your purple cap & gown soon!


Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions. GO, CAPS!