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Early Exam Dismissal Information and Form

BHS EARLY DISMISSAL PERMISSION FORM FOR EXAMS 2019: One form must be filled out for each time a student will be allowed to leave campus after an exam. Please see rules on the reverse of this form. Students and Parents must sign below and agree to all rules as stated on the reverse of this form.


 Student Name ______________________________________Student ID #_______________________


Student Signature_________________________________________


My child, _______________________ has permission to leave Broughton High School after his/her exam for the following class


___________________________ on this date_____________________. I understand that staff may need to contact me and will

 include a valid phone number.


Parent Name (please print)__________________________________Phone Number________________


Parent Signature__________________________________________Date_________________________



Wake County will not run buses in the middle of the school day during exams. Therefore, notes are being required from each high school student if he/she plans to leave after their designated exam.

· Students may leave after the exam period has ended with parental permission only. The parent will have to make the transportation arrangements and the student must leave campus by 11am.

· Students must stay in their assigned classroom for each exam until released by the teacher, regardless of when the student finishes the exam.

· Check outs are not allowed during an exam period. No exceptions. Do not schedule appointments or try to check your child out early during exams. Once exams begin, we will be unable to disrupt classes to check students out early. Students must remain in their exam classroom for the entire time of the exams as to not interrupt other exams. Thanks for your understanding.

· Signed permission forms must be turned in to each teacher at the end of the exam period for each class in order for the student to leave campus after any exam. Students who do not return this signed form must remain on campus in a designated area(s) until the buses leave at 2:18pm. Lunch will be served in the cafeteria during a lunch block for students remaining on campus.

· Under no circumstances are students are allowed on other school campuses on exam days.

· Students have been given the exam schedule and their teachers have announced exam dates and times to the students. The full exam schedule is available on the BHS website.

· By signing this form, students and parents agree to follow all of the above rules.

· Teachers, please place all completed forms in Mrs Manring’s mailbox at the end of the exam day.