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Staff Shout Outs!

Staff Shout Outs!


Academy staff recognize excellence in each other. Each of these players makes our ensemble work in harmony! Bravo to you all!


Arts Integration Shout Outs!

Art Smart


Ms. Kingsberry 

Shout out goes to Ms. Kingsberry, "Ms. Kingsberry is always looking at ways to improve as a teacher. She's always challenging herself and looking for ways to increase her knowledge."

Ms. Munroe 

"Ms. Munroe has helped me navigate through the math curriculum and plans with me twice a week in addition to our reg planning. She is a planner and a go-getter; she helps me stay ahead when we are working on upcoming lessons so I don't get overwhelmed"

Mr. Percy 

Staff Shout-Out goes to Mr. Percy who, "Has gone above & beyond to reach out to support our families. He has done countless home visits and google meets to ensure students/families understand expectations and can access materials. Often times, outside of school hours."

Ms. Fuller

Shout-Out for Ms. Fuller our invaluable 6th Grade IA - "She advocates and supports our students especially during this time. The students love having her in their virtual classes and value her support." Nice Job Ms. Fuller!!!

Mr. Thomas

Mr. Thomas Our Shout out of the Day goes to Mr. Caleb Thomas, his peers say this about him; "He is a BT and doing a great job building relationships with students. Coupled with his instruction, you wouldn't even know he's a first-year teacher." Keep up the great work!