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Honored to Have Rahzel Harris as Our Spotlight on Student

Rahzel is a student with an intellectual disability but has not let this deter him from being a leader at Carnage Middle School.  In the past, he has been responsible for putting up the flags, delivering packages to staff, putting up the mail for the office staff, and recycling for several areas around the school.
This year, Rahzel has been focused on his academic career.  He scored high on his IReady test in both math and English language arts and goes to Essential classes independently every day to build knowledge and get him ready for high school.  Rahzel is an accomplished artist and has a postcard being shown in a gallery off campus and a large picture of himself as a super hero framed on campus at Carnage.  He goes out for art independently each day as well as gym.
Rahzel has a dream to own his own car detailing business.  He wants to play sports in high school, expecially wrestling.  He says when he gets older, he wants to take his mom to Vegas on a dream vacation.