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State Math Contest

Eighteen Carnage students worked hard and did well on the competition against over 400 middle and high school students from 4 different counties.
This is the result of the competition.
Team awards: Level I -- 1st place
                       Level II -- 5th place
                       Level III -- 2nd place
                       Comprehensive -- 4th place
Individual awards: These students scored top 10% of each division. And they are invited to go to the Final Math contest at UNC Greensboro in May.
Level I -- Eli Park ( 1st place )
                Raghav Arun ( 4th place )
                Rohit Hari ( 9th place)
                Sukrith Velmineti ( 10th place)
Level II -- Eric Jun ( 6th place )
                 Nrithya Renganathan ( 3rd place )
Comprehensive -- Alice Zhao ( 12th place )