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MATHCOUNTS Team Wins 2nd Place

Congratulations to our MATHCOUNTS Team for taking 2nd place out of 25 schools
at Saturday's chapter competition.
The 4-person Team members are 8th graders:
Benet Ge,   Nrithya Renganathan,   Ashley Wang &   Alice Zhao.
We had 5 of the top 16 students overall, 
and were able to place those students in the Countdown Round.  
They were:  Raghave Arun,   Eric Jun,   Nrithya Renganathan,  
                   Alice Zhao & Emily Xu.
Alice Zhao took 3rd overall in this event.
Over 100 students participated.
Raghav Arun, 6th grader, placed 3rd overall.  
Mrs. Jayaraman and I are very proud of the students.