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MSEN State Competition

Carnage MSEN was fortunate to have 20 students who qualified and placed 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place in the competition. All of our students received medals. They represented NCSU and Carnage. We were 1st in the state of North Carolina. Here are the results!
2nd Place (Silver) - 6th grade Math: Jaylen Bell, DeNesha Daniels, Joseph Mativo
2nd Place (Silver) - 7th Grade Math: Ashlee Allen, Lemar Gilchrist
1st Place (Gold) - Common Core Math 1: Jonae Williams
1st Place (Gold) - 6th Grade Science: Damien Johnson
3rd Place(Bronze) - 6th Grade Science: Mackenzie Telfaire
1st Place (Gold) -  7th Grade Science: Rafael Cruz-Ferman, Xavier Jones, James Pittman
3rd Place (Bronze) - 8th Grade Science: Kimille Leathers, Zyon Rodgers, D'Andrea Staton
1st Place (Gold) - Bottle Rocket: Derlynn Baker
1st Place (Gold) - Mystery Architect: Isaiah Bussey, Camden Davis
1st Place (Gold) - Poster Art: Karen Hernandez, Mikiyah McClain
2nd Place (Silver) - Oratorical: Brooke Brinson