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State Math Contest

I am very proud of Carnage students who tried their best on State Math Competition at Wake Tech. yesterday.

There were over 300 middle and high school students from 4-5 different counties. 

Team awards: 

         Level I   : Third place

         Level II  : Fourth place

         Level III : Second place

         Comprehensive : Fifth place


Individual awards: 

         Level I   : Eric Jun - First place

                       Divya Iyer - Sixth place


         Level II  : Nrithya Renganathan - Fifth place

                        Alice Zhao - Tenth place


         Level III : Ben Wu - First place

                       Colin Wang - Third place


         Comprehensive : Jerry Zhao - Fourth place

                                        Aditya Sundaram


These individual students will be going to the Final next month.


Thank you for your support.


ChungYoe O'Rawe