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French Festival Results

Carnage received a first place in the Spelling Bee - Novice  with Scott Lei winning the award and a second place in the Spelling Bee - Beginning with Cici Golla taking the award.  In this particular competition which lasted over an hour, the two final contestants spelled every word on the entire list but two! 


Carnage also received a second place in the Cultural Exhibition.  Our presentation focused on the Louvre, its building and the history.  The students built a replica of the glass pyramid, created a mural of the Mona Lisa and researched the famous events and art masterpieces housed there.


Carnage should also be recognized for the performance of our alumni.  Isha Patnaik and Neha V (I forget the entire spelling of the last name), from Raleigh Charter, took a first place in their original skit on the Wives of Paris.  Parthana Kalmath took a second place in vocal music in talent.