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Carnage Middle School's MathCounts Team wins 1st place in regionals

We are very proud of our Carnage Students who took 1st in Feb 13th's regional meet at Athens Drive High School and to our coaches Ann Chapoton- Genna and Sudha Jayaraman
Participants:  Jerry Zhao,   Benjamin  Wu,   Melody Wen,   Aditya Sundaram,   Colin Wang, 
                      Aakash Kothapally,   Sahil Pontula,   Nrithya Renganathan,   Eric Jun &   Alice Zhao

1st place:  Team:  Aditya Sundaram, Melody Wen, Benjamin Wu & Jerry Zhao
Individual winners:  Jerry Zhao, 1st place
                                 Benjamin Wu, 2nd place
                                 Melody Wen, 5th place
The top 16 students from 19 schools were able to participate in the Countdown Round.
Carnage took 7 of those positions.  
Our Countdown students were:  Jerry Zhao, 1st place in round 4
                                           Benjamin Wu, 2nd place in round 4
                                           Melody Wen
                                           Aditya Sundaram
                                           Colin Wang
                                           Aakash Kothapally, round 2
                                           Sahil Pontula
Great job!