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Carnage Team Wins 1st Place at State Math Contest

There were 265 students, 29 schools from 5 different counties at Wake Tech Community College for State Math Contest.
Our students did very well on the contest. These are the result. If you have these students in your class, please congratulate them and encourage them to excel on their learning.
Level I :  Brian Zhang ( 2nd place )      Carnage got the 3rd place as a team.
Level II: Josh Biswas ( 8th place )
Level III: Eli Park ( 1st place )
                Raghav Arun ( 5th place )
                Rohit Hari ( 9th place )
                Sukrith Velmineti ( 11th place )      Carnage got the 1st place as a team.
They didn't have medals and plaque on time to distribute to the students yet.
Thank you.
ChungYoe O'Rawe