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Athletics Update


With students coming back to the building for learning, so is athletics! We will begin on February 22nd with our traditional fall sports: girls soccer, volleyball, football, and cheerleading. This year athletics will look a little different as compared to the past.. There will be no interscholastic athletic competition against opposing middle schools this year. Instead, student athletes will have the opportunity to participate in skill development and conditioning.  Health and safety will be our top priority as we conduct these athletic skill sessions.


Fall sports-football, girl’s soccer, volleyball, cheerleading: February 22-March 19

Spring sports-girls & boys track and field, boy’s soccer, softball: March 22-April 30

Winter sports-girl’s & boy’s basketball, cheerleading: May 3-May 21

*There will be no skill sessions on asynchronous remote learning days.

Skill sessions will occur Monday-Friday, begin right after school and end at 4:00pm. Virtual academy students will need to arrive to the front of the school at 2:30pm and must wait in their cars until they pass their health screening. 


6th, 7th, and 8th graders will have the opportunity to participate in these skill sessions, with priority going to 7th and 8th graders. There will be a limit on the number of students who can attend these sessions due to social distancing and safety guidelines. All students will be assigned weeks to participate and will only be allowed to come during their assigned week. 

Plan B student athletes (non-virtual academy students) will have the opportunity to attend these sessions only while they are in school for in person instruction. These Plan B students must also be present in school during their in-person week in order to attend. A Plan B student will not be admitted inside to attend the skill session if they stayed home during instruction. Locker rooms will not be available, so Plan B students should come to school dressed for their after school activity and have a water bottle with their name on it. You may want to bring an extra mask those days as well if you want a fresh mask prior to starting physical activity. 

Virtual academy student athletes will be assigned a week to come and will have to go through a health screening process prior to being allowed in the building and/or athletic fields. Health screenings will take place at the front entrance of the school at 2:30pm.. Students must wait in their cars at the front of the school until they pass their health screening. Please turn off your heat while waiting in your cars so we can obtain an accurate temperature. Virtual academy students should come dressed for activity, have a mask, and have a water bottle with their name on it. 


You will need to complete the Middle School Athletic Participation Forms found under the Athletics tab on our school website.  You will also need to complete a Covid-19 Pre-Participation Health Questionnaire in order to participate. 

  1. Pre-Participation Athletic Paperwork

All student athletes will need to have a valid physical (doctor exam form) and current athletic participation forms on file with Mrs. Faucette in order to participate. This paperwork must be completed prior to your first day of practice. The pre-participation athletic paperwork can be scanned an emailed to Mrs. Faucette at  or dropped off in the office at Carnage Middle school.   This pre-participation athletic paperwork will only need to be submitted one time this year, even if you participate in multiple sport seasons. Once Mrs. Faucette has received and reviewed your paperwork submission, she will reach out to you letting you know your status and days of participation.

  1. Covid-19 Pre-Participation Health Questionnaire

The COVID-19 Pre-Participation Health Questionnaire must be printed and signed by the student athlete and parent/guardian.  This form must be turned in to Mrs. Faucette on the first day of their skill session.

Covid-19 Pre-Participation Form

If you have any questions, please email Mrs.Faucette at

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