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October 11


Hello, Zebulon Elementary Families,

This is Principal Newkirk with the update for the week of October 11, 2019


 Homework Resources

If you are interested in providing additional support for your child at home, WCPSS has great resources to support your needs. There is a wonderful homework resource section that explains major concepts covered each quarter and gives examples of the types of problems students will be asked to solve. You can find those resources from the website. Navigate to parents and click on homework resources. There are math resources for grades K-12 and Reading resources for grades 2-5.


The reading resources explain the major theme covered in each unit and explains the learning targets prepared for students. You will notice that non-fiction is a major component of the new EL curriculum. Shifts to look for in your child’s reading instruction are:

1.    Regular practice with complex texts and academic language.

2.    Speaking, writing, and reading grounded in evidence from texts, both literary and informational.

3.    Building knowledge through content rich non-fiction.


 Day 30

It’s hard to believe that we have already completed 30 days of school! Report cards will go home in just a few short weeks and before you know it, the year will be over. Don’t let the year get away from you without teaming with your child’s teacher to ensure your child’s academic and social success in the school. Now that interims have gone home and report cards will be coming soon, it is time to schedule a parent teacher conference.


 Join the PTA

Next Thursday the members of the PTA will send in food items to share thanks to the staff on Thankful Thursday. Our teachers and staff are so appreciative of Thankful Thursday. If you have not yet had a chance to join PTA, join today and support the teachers and students of Zebulon Elementary.



 WCPSS Magnet History

Zebulon GT Magnet Elementary is a magnet school. The purpose of WCPSS Magnets is to reduce high concentrations of poverty and to maximize use of school facilities. Most magnets are located in downtown Raleigh, but years ago the school system negotiated with the community the existence of what were then called equity magnets. These were schools that operated innovative magnet programs but because of location did not address the two goals of reducing pockets of poverty or maximizing use of facilities. A few years ago, Zebulon Elementary became a traditional magnet school with a recruiting area located in Rolesville. Mrs. Johnson, our magnet coordinator, does an amazing job recruiting all over the county, but I am appealing to our parents and supporters to share your experiences with your friends and family in Rolesville who might be looking for an amazing educational journey. Encourage them to apply for Zebulon Elementary as a magnet student. WCPSS is hosting their annual Magnet Fair on October 26 from 9:00 – 12:00 PM at Panther Creek High School.


October 14-18       National School Lunch Appreciation Week

October 17            Thankful Thursday

October 18            Partner’s Read

October 22            NC Check-in 5th grade

October 23            NC Check-in 4th grade

October 24            NC Check-in 3rd grade

October 25            Partner’s Read

October 26            WCPSS Magnet Fair at Panther Creek High School

October 30            End of 1st quarter

October 31            Weather make-up day

November 1          Workday




David Newkirk, Principal