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August 30, 2019


Hello, Zebulon Elementary Families, 

This is Principal Newkirk with the update for the week of August 30, 2019 




First Week

Students and teachers came back ready to work this year and we had a fantastic opening of school. We have lots of work to do to move our students, but the vision is to bring all students to grade level standards in reading and math. To reach this vision, we need parents to partner with teachers. Send your child to school every day and have them to school on time. Ensure that homework is completed nightly and invest in your child’s school by joining the PTA. We have an ambitious agenda and we need your help to help everyone reach their goals.



New Classes

Because of an increase in enrollments, we just posted an additional kindergarten class! This is exciting news as we will be able to keep class sizes small at kindergarten through third grade. I know it can also cause anxiety for students and parents assigned to those new classrooms. Understand that I have already recommended an experienced kindergarten teacher for the position, despite only getting approval for the position August 29. Until then, the students are in good hands with a retired former staffer who will serve as the substitute until our permanent teacher is installed.


Kindergarten is not the only grade level with a new teacher coming. One of our fifth-grade classrooms is being covered by a substitute teacher until the candidate that was recommended is cleared by human resources to report to work. I wish to thank the fifth-grade students and families for being patient as we respond to a larger than expected enrollment.


Open House

All parents are invited to our Open House Thursday September 5 from 6:00 – 8:00 PM. Our Open House is very different from Meet the Teacher. Parents will begin in the gym where I will share the state of the school and our most recent academic data. Then, parents will move to the classrooms where they will learn about the curriculum in the grade level, Capturing Kids Hearts and PBIS, and various strategies to ensure that your child will be academically and socially successful in school.



Elective Registration

Next Wednesday your child will receive an elective registration packet in the Wednesday folders. Electives are how we implement our Gifted and Talented Magnet theme and we feel it is very important for students to have some choice in this process. However, there are some students in the upper grades who scored level 1 on the end of grade test who will be placed into support electives automatically. Please understand, that if your child is placed in one of these electives, it is to help him/her reach grade level proficiency by the time we administer end of grade testing in the spring.



This year all students grades K-5 will have access to a web based application called Dreambox. Dreambox is an evidence-based program to support math intervention as well as math enrichment, making it appropriate for all students. Students do need headphones to complete the lessons and the school does not have enough for every child. If you are interested, you may send in a dedicated pair of headphones for your child. They can be earbuds or headphones.


Support Your School

There are lots of ways to support your school. Parents are welcome to register to volunteer in the library any day of the week. If you were a volunteer, you only need to update your registration. After October, you will need to register again and complete a full background check.


Another great way to support ZES is through joining the PTA. Our PTA consists of parents and teachers who are passionate about making Zebulon Elementary the best it can be.









September 2       Labor Day Holiday

September 4       Band/Strings Open House

September 5       School-wide Open House at 6:00 PM

September 30     WCPSS Teacher workday



David Newkirk, Principal