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Apply funds to your student's meal account for a la carte purchases

Due to the national coin shortage, there may be times when our cafes do not have sufficient coins to make change for a la carte cash purchases.


Although meals are free this year, students will still have the option to make a la carte purchases.  

If your student does not have exact change, and the cafeteria cashier does not have the change to give back, the money owed will be placed on the student’s school meals prepayment account for later use.  An alternative to cash, a check can be submitted to the cafe to apply funds to your student's meal account, or MySchoolBucks can be used to make electronic payments to your student's account.  

Benefits of using MySchoolBucks:

  • Sign-up is secure, easy, and at no cost.
  • View your student's purchases and account balance at any time.
  • Using this feature does not require online payments.
  • Set up notifications. You'll receive an email that informs you when additional funds will be required to make sure your student has funds in their account.

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