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Spotlight on Students!

The Spotlight on Students program has been a project of the Wake County Public School System since 1982. The ceremonies, which take place throughout the school year, honor students for outstanding achievements and accomplishments. By the end of the school year, one student from each participating school will be selected for the Spotlight on Students recognition.

Christian Gill is in 5th grade and has been a part of the Powell family since Kindergarten. He has a very outgoing personality and is full of energy all of the time! He has dealt with many challenges in his life both in school and outside of school. Over the years he has struggled with impulsivity, academics and behavior. However, he has continually worked at improving his skills in all of these areas. His CCR teacher reports that he is a Math wiz and has shown much improvement in all areas of Language Arts and Reading. His teachers also report that he now takes responsibility for his learning and even volunteers to help others understand certain concepts by giving them examples that he feels will help them. He has become a team player and genuinely cares for his peers and mankind in general. He believes in fair play and tries to see both sides in conflicts. He has shown much growth and maturity in his willingness to discuss situations and to accept responsibility for his mistakes. He has even reached the point where he can agree to disagree with someone without losing his temper. When he reaches the point of frustration, whether academically or behaviorally, he no longer shuts down, but uses his coping skills instead. Christian is a bright light at Powell and will go far in life if he continues to persevere and grow in the ways he has at Powell. Our school family will miss him tremendously as he moves on to Moore Square next year.