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Pollinators of Change Wall

Every month, MECME highlights one boy and one girl from each grade level who are making a difference in our school or community.  It doesn't matter what grade a student is in, we have great kids doing great things all over the place!  This wall is a way to share these efforts with the whole school.  

wall I     wall II

wall IV      Wall V

Students are chosen by teacher nomination.  Teachers meet as a grade level to share stories about their kids and to determine which kids should be recognized on the wall for the month.  At the end of the month, the student's photo and "making a difference" story are sent home for the child to share with their family and keep.  

Abigail     Kylen

It is a great honor to be recognized on this wall and one that we take very seriously.  If your child is making a difference out in your community, make sure they share that great work with their teacher, so that they might end up on the Pollinators of Change Wall in the future.