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MECME Receives Bronze Award as an Eco-School

This past year, MECME embarked on a journey to become a certified Eco-School through the National Wildlife Federation and Eco-Schools USA.  This journey will happen over the next couple of years and will help guide our work toward becoming a greener school, both in our actions and our curricula.  Keep up with our work at our National Wildlife Federation Eco-School page.  

In 2018-19, we focused our efforts on reducing our consumption and waste production in areas of the school.  Learn more about our Waste Audit here.  

waste audit waste audit

 Waste bins lined up for weighing at our Valentine's Day Waste Audit.  Our Green Bees gathered data during the audit.  LOVE the Earth!


Combined with these efforts has been the launch of our new composting program in our cafeteria. 


 Kindergartners line up to compost their food using along with our new compostable food trays!


At the close of the 2018-19 school year, MECME received Bronze Level recognition! Stay tuned to Twitter and our Facebook page for updates of our Eco-School journey! You can learn more about our journey as a certified Eco-School here