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MECME Conducts a Waste Audit

MECME Begins the Work to Become an Eco-School with a Waste Audit

On February 14th, our Green Bees and volunteers from the community conducted a waste audit of our entire school.  The goal was to get a baseline of how much waste our school produces in one day's time.  This will help our Eco-Action Student/Faculty team to design an action plan to help MECME reduce, reuse, recycle and upcycle our waste daily.  Here is our data from our first waste audit.  Check back in June when the Green Bees will set out again to collect follow-up data, to determine MECME's progress.  A big shout out to our Green Bees for all their hard work, organization and committment to making MECME a GREENER place to be!

audit Audit II

MECME's Green Bees are: 

5th Grade: Ethan, Xitlaly, Ezra

4th GradeFana, Maddy, Lia, Luna, Alayna, Miguel, Selena, Demitrius and Josue

3rd Grade:  Cameron, Ava, Shiloh, and Francheska


Are you interested in becoming a Green Bee?  Click here for more information about this student club.