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Field Day and Celebrations

In the next three days, we have many events at the school which will be bringing more people into our building.  We want to keep our campus as secure as possible and in order to do that, we need every visitor or volunteer to follow the below guidelines:


For Field Day  If you are coming to help in the morning, please go directly to the Gym where Ms. Brinson will check you off and provide you with a name tag that you will need to wear before you head out to the Field.  If you will be here all day, please continue to wear the name tag for the afternoon session.  If you are coming for the afternoon session, you will need to also follow these same procedures.


For K-4 celebrations:  You will need to come to the front door where we will ask you to sign in on paper and give you a Visitor badge.  You are not allowed to be in the building without a visible Visitor badge.  If your student's grade level celebration will be on the courtyard, we will ask you to go directly around the building from the outside to get there rather than come through the building.


For the 5th Grade Celebration:  Parents and spectators will go directly to the Gym where you will sign in and be given a Visitor badge that you must wear while you are on our campus.  At the end of the Awards celebration, we will ask you to walk around the outside of the building to the Courtyard and wait there while your children are having their clap out ceremony from the other students in the building.  They will come out directly into the courtyard area where you can get back with them and then go into the Library for Pizza, and cake.  If your child will be drinking soda, we will only allow this outside so as not to have any spills in the Library area.


Thank you for your understanding and assistance in this matter.


Sherry Schliesser, Principal  and Jason Norton, Assistant Principal