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9/14/20 Family Update

Hunter GT / AIG Magnet Elementary Virtual Monday Folder

Week of September 14

Hunter GT / AIG Magnet Elementary School Updates


Way to Go Families -- Please hear, from the bottom of our hearts, that our staff APPRECIATES YOU!  You and your community supports are doing an OUTSTANDING JOB!  Remember, we are always here to partner with your families!  Please reach out with questions, challenges, celebrations, or suggestions!



Cameras during Live Meets -- Since we started teaching virtually this year, teachers have noticed that many students turn off the computer camera when they are in "class" on a Google Meet. While we understand that there are many reasons for this that we respect and honor, we wanted to give you a little insight into some of the reasons that a teacher may ask students to turn on their camera, if they are comfortable doing so.

 *Please Note: It is WCPSS policy that we can ask students to turn on their cameras for various reasons, but we cannot require it. We will continue to abide by this policy. 

However, when students turn off their cameras, the following may happen: 

  • Teachers cannot receive any nonverbal information from a child. If children give the "huh" look, they can quickly alter teaching to address any confusion. When teachers are able to "read" nonverbal cues, they have the ability to change instruction to meet students’ needs much like in the face-to-face classroom.
  • Teachers don't always know if kids understand or not. Calling on students takes more time when they need to "unmute" their microphones. Often teachers ask questions or just want to know if kids understand. They look for a thumbs up or thumbs down which takes seconds for a child who is learning with his/her camera on. 
  • In math (and other subjects too) teachers cannot see students’ work.Their knowledge or strategies are not shared with the class. Perhaps students harbor a misconception that can be cleared up, but teachers won't know if they cannot see their work until they are assessed, so grades MAY suffer. 
  • When kids' cameras are on, teachers learn names and faces better, creating a meaningful student-teacher relationship which is VITAL for increases in academic achievement. 

 Again, we will never require a camera to be on, and we know there are times when kids want to turn their cameras off for good reason (bathroom break, blowing nose, baby sister is screaming, etc.), but we just wanted to give you a little more information about ways this can be helpful in the virtual environment.  Thank you for partnering with our grade levels to ensure that our virtual learning is as strong as possible for students. 



Important: Free breakfast and lunch for all students - Students in all grade levels can receive a free breakfast and lunch from an operating location until December 31*. Please visit for a list of operating sites. Students are not required to visit their assigned school and do not have to be present to receive meals. The curbside meal service will operate Monday through Friday from 10:45 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. Students will receive breakfast and lunch at no cost! No student ID number required to receive meals. *Or until funding is depleted.



PTA Updates


Join the PTA It’s easy to do online this year through Memberhub. Here’s the link!  If you prefer to pay by check, or would like a free/sponsored membership (available to anyone!) - you may use this printable form, or contact Especially in this year’s uncertain times, the PTA is a tangible way to support Hunter, our staff and our students. Please join us!  



First PTA General Membership Meeting: Our first PTA meeting of the school year will be THIS Thursday, September 17th at 7:30 PM. Please refer to your email or call the main office for information on how to join this virtual meeting.

Radical Reader: Thanks to all that have submitted your radical reader form! If you have not and would still like to participate, please complete



Yoga Virtual Yoga has returned! Join Kelly each Wednesday morning from 8:30-9:00am. Please refer to your email or call the main office for information on how to join this virtual meeting.



Chess Club: Chess Club is ready to start a new year of having fun, learning and playing lots of chess! This year's Chess Club will meet online and is open to students who already know how to play. We will use an online meeting tool with breakout rooms so that students will be able to socialize while playing chess. Our first meeting will be Wednesday, September 16. If you would like to register, please fill out our registration form ( At the end of the form, there is a link to MemberHub where you may contribute to Chess Club. This year, it is “pay what you can,” with a suggested contribution of $30 per student to help cover our operating costs. If your child does not know how to play chess but would like to learn, then please email Mark Indermaur at instead of registering them for chess club. We will create a ChessKid account for your child and give you resources to help your child learn at their own pace. Your child is then welcome to join chess club any time during the year once they understand the fundamentals of the game.  Since our registration form only asks for contact information for one parent or guardian, if you would like another parent or guardian to receive club notifications, please add their email address in the comment field.


The VMF is a weekly joint communication from Hunter GT / AIG Magnet Elementary and the Hunter PTA. Our VMF will be digitally shared with families on Monday and serves as a single resource for families to understand all that is happening in our school community.  Archived VMFs are available on the Hunter website.  Paper copies of the VMF are available by contacting the Hunter Office.