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Corn and Basil Frittata? Sure.

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The Cooking Club’s latest endeavor was a corn/basil/green onion/cheddar cheese frittata. We baked two frittatas - one in a square baking pan and one in a 10-inch round skillet. This led us into a discussion on how one calculates the areas of a rectangle and a circle – by the way, Pi day is in March. We explained to the students that finding the area of the skillet using just the top edges of the pan wasn’t exactly what we were looking for to compare to the baking pan because of the sloping sides of the skillet, but it was close enough for our purposes this time. Anyway, another tasty and healthful dish, which can be served warm or cold, was put together. Although kids and their parents can make this dish any time of the year, we highly recommend traveling to your local farmers market in the summer to pick up fresh corn and basil. You’ll be glad you did.


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