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Wacky Tacky Science Club

In science club,  the kids have been exploring stem activities such as motion (how can the ball get to the hole faster?), magnetic properties (e.g. how can we get the mouse through the maze?), creating hypotheses, building with shapes (different homes), classifying objects based on physical properties. Using hypotheses the students conducted experiments using common fairytales such as Rapunzel,  the three Billy goats gruff, and the gingerbread man. In Rapunzel, the kids built a tower and and ladder that would help the prince rescue Rapunzel. In the gingerbread man center, the kids conducted experiments about building a raft that would help the gingerbread man cross the river without falling in. In the Three Billy Goats Gruff center, students  conducted a bridge building experiment to cross safely to escape the troll.
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