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The Jim Allen Group donates Leadership Day Shirts

photo of kids

Leadership Day at Green was a huge success and a glorious day of celebration of our student’s talents.  Students gave speeches, sang songs, danced and even recited poetry in English, Spanish and Mandarin.  As a Leadership themed school, Green teaches all students the 7 Habits of Stephen Covey.  By implementing these leadership habits, students are encouraged to reach their own public and private victories.  Students are encouraged to “Find their Voice” and sometimes that requires stepping out of the box. Our students are proud to be a part of Leadership Day and participate in various ways.  Students apply for leadership roles such as greeter, registration attendant, tour guide, speaker, stage manager and hospitality.  Leadership Day is a day of sharing our talents as well as our successes with our parents, school system and community. 

Our day could not have been complete without the help of one of our community partners, The Jim Allen Group.  This wonderful partner sponsored our Leadership Day shirts and allowed all of the students to be a part of this special day.