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Starting off the new school year with exciting events!

Green Elementary started off the new school year with great enthusiasm. We participated in the First 8 Days, Partnership Night, as well as Field Trips.  


The First 8 days of school was more than just getting acquainted.  All students learned and reviewed the 7 Habits, school routines and procedures through our First 8 of school curriculum.  Teachers and students took the time to learn and practice school procedures and routines in the classroom and around the school to ensure a great school year.  


Partnership Night was a huge success.  Families were encouraged to come and share in a meal sold by multiple local food trucks as well as learn more about their child's new classroom.  Teachers took this time to talk about schedules, procedures and curriculum in order to build partnerships with parents.  Families also heard from Mrs. Blake, our principal, about her vision for Green and the path in which we take to achieve it.  


With the beginning of school, comes many new adventures, such as the return of field trips.  Our first graders took advantage of the beautiful weather and were visited by Fire Station #9.  The students were able to meet community helpers and see the tools they use in their work.  This learning opportunity brought together many of the things they had been working on in class and was a wonderful end to a hard-working week.

If you are interested in participating in these field trip events with your student, please be sure to stop by the office and fill out the volunteer registration form soon.