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Garden Club Harvests Vegetables

Green’s gardening club was grinning with excitement on Wednesday afternoon during club time.  The students were able to finally harvest vegetables from their garden.  One student wrote, “ we had been waiting forever for the plants to grow”.  In reality, forever was a few short weeks but to these gardening students it was an eternity.  


                                                             garden club


Gardening club began this process on some cold days in the winter planning their space and researching plants that would thrive in the raised bed environment.  As the weather turned warmer, the group assembled, lined, loaded with soil and eventually planted.    Students planted seeds in cups to jump start their growing inside and then moved them to the garden.   The garden includes cantaloupe, beans, tomatoes, radishes, carrots, lettuce, corn and sunflowers.  “My favorite activities that we did this year were drawing our dream garden, building and planting in our garden boxes” stated one of the 5th grade leaders. 


When asked about what they would like others to know about gardening club, many of the students had a similar reply, “before joining garden club you should know that you will get dirty but it will be super fun.”