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Green Leaders Raise Money for American Heart Association

Students at Green Leadership and World Languages recently participated in the Kids Heart Challenge with the American Heart Association.  The Kids Heart Challenge is a program that prepares kids for success by supporting both their physical and emotional well-being as well as raises money for people with special hearts.


Green Leaders attended a kick off event to learn about the American Heart Association and how it helps people of all ages.  Students watched videos of how money raised is spent through research and development as well as education. 


Following the kick off assembly all students were invited to talk to parents, family and friends about donating to this cause.   During PE class students continued to learn about heart heath as Mr. Neiger incorporated this fundraiser into his jump rope unit.  Leaders learned jump rope skills, heart rate measurement and how their heart works. 


Thank you to family, friends and community members who donated to this great event and helped Green students to raise $4,760 for the American Heart Association through the Kids Heart Challenge.   According to the American Heart Association, Wake County Public Schools is the number 1 District or County in the Nation for raising funds through this event collecting over $600,000.  Green is proud to be a part of this great opportunity.