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Learning about Sled Hockey

Palumbo on sled                  student tries out sled                palumbos together

In October, Mrs. Palumbo’s class learned about adaptive sports as part of Disability Awareness Month. They had the opportunity to learn about the game of sled hockey. Sled hockey is a version of hockey where players sit in a sled to skate across the ice. Mrs. Palumbo plays on the Triangle Special Hockey Adult Sled team with her husband. The students had an opportunity to sit in her sled and hold the hockey sticks. They were very eager to try out the sled and experience what it is like to play sled hockey. Many of the students commented on how hard it was to sit up in the sled! Mrs. Palumbo decided to join the team this season after being a fan for the last few years.

“I enjoy being able to share this unique experience with my students. I think learning about disabilities is a powerful way to encourage compassion and open mindedness.” - Mrs. Palumbo