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Looking in on World Language Classes

September was a busy month for the Green World Language team and its students. 

Our Mandarin student were led by Ms. Cassaro in a celebration of the Moon Festival.   Monday, September 24 is the second most important festival in China: The Mid - Autumn Festival which is also called The Moon Cake Festival. It is kind of like the American Thanksgiving. People in China usually visit family on this day and eat moon cake to celebrate!

Moon festival 2                  Moon festival 1

Our Spanish teachers, students and parents participated in La Fiesta Del Pueblo 2018.  Green Elementary World Language's booth had a focus on El Salvador and its traditions, culture and customs.  The festival held on Fayetteville Street in downtown Raleigh was a celebration of Latin food, music, art and culture.  Green students were active participants as they walked in the parade and stopped to pose and sing for audiences.  This celebration of Latino culture coincides with Hispanic Heritage Month so it was a perfect opportunity for the students to display their learning and love of Spanish culture.


 dancing girls                           El pueblo 1