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Ms. Lovegreen is Our 2018-2019 IA of the Year!

Veteran Kindergarten Instructional Assistant Laurie Lovegreen has been named Fuller's 2018-2019 IA of the Year.  Ms. Lovegreen, who has been an integral part of the Fuller community since 1992, currently teaches in Ms. Board's kindergarten classroom.  Ms. Lovegreen is a talented instructional assistant who builds and maintains relationships with her students and who is loved and appreciated by the entire Fuller family.  She wears many important hats at Fuller - you might catch her teaching a small group or her entire class, leading students through the hallway, serving as a substitute teacher at any grade level, supervising students during lunch duty, or greeting students in the carpool lane each morning.  Wherever you see Ms. Lovegreen, you can be sure she will have a smile on her face and love for students in her heart.  CONGRATULATIONS, MS. LOVEGREEN!!!!