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Fuller OM Team Earns "A Stellar Hangout" in State Finals

On Saturday, March 3, Fuller students from the elective, "Odyssey of the Mind" participated in the regional competition, which took place at Wake Technical College. The class was divided into two, seven-person teams, one taught by Ms. Avery, and the other taught by Mr. Dunn.

Ms. Avery's team, "Triathlon Travels", had to build a working vehicle to be used in a team written skit and performed in front of an audience, as well as judged against other teams from all over the eastern region of NC.

Mr. Dunn's team, "A Stellar Hangout", also had to write and perform an original skit, using characters and settings designated by the OotM committee, and also competing against multiple elementary school teams from all over the eastern region.

As part of the competition both teams also took part in what is called "Spontaneous", which is a quick thinking, improvisational challenge.

The whole competition is about creativity and teamwork, and both Fuller teams did very well, with "Triathlon Travels" finishing in 6th place, and "Hangout" finishing 2nd; that 2nd place finish means that Mr. Dunn, along with the team and their parents, will travel to Charlotte for the March 24 State Finals, which will have them competing against 1st and 2nd place finishers from all over NC.

In the true spirit of camaraderie and sportsmanship, the "Triathlon" students are helping the "Hangout" team get ready for this challenge by designing "Spontaneous" problems like the kind they may face in the actual State Finals.