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Ms. Gizzi's Class Connects with Author!

We have some exciting news! Second-grade teacher Ms Gizzi tweeted about how her class wanted her to read their read aloud series Eerie Elementary in the dark, since it is about a school that is ALIVE. The Senior Editor at Scholastic saw her tweet and tagged the author, Max Brallier, asking him if he liked this. His response was "Yes! So much! I feel like that classroom needs a few signed copies, maybe? :)" Ms Gizzi responded excitedly that they would love signed copies and maybe he could help out a fellow New Yorker and come speak to her students about the importance of writing. His response was "Let's do it!" Nothing has been done officially yet, but we are hoping to have an author visit in the near future. If for some reason he is unable to come Ms Gizzi will try to arrange a Skype visit so her students can ask him questions. It is amazing the things that can happen by posting on social media. We are really excited for Ms Gizzi's class.