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Principal Message: Carpool Update & Possible Bus Delays

School Messenger 

East Garner Elementary

August 28, 2023

Good afternoon Explorers!

I still need to address carpool.  I apologize to those who are following the process, and I am trying to address those specifically who are not, but I am sending this mass email to share information with you all.  

We are still having parents not waiting in the carpool line, parking, and trying to check out students after the 3:15 cut-off.  We will be strictly reinforcing the carpool procedures. If you come after 3:15 you will be requested to wait in the carpool line. During the last 30 minutes of the day, students are transitioning from specials, completing their afternoon instructional activities, packing up, completing homework agendas, etc.  Sign-outs cause confusion, students become uncertain of their tasks, and the office is inundated with requests to call classrooms disrupting the last few minutes of instructional time with their teachers. 

Additionally, we have parents park in the handicapped spots walk to the front doors, and request their children.  Please do not do this. It takes the spots designated for people with disabilities and is against the law if you use it and do not have a disability.  It bypasses our system, it upsets other parents who are following the system, it is inequitable, and disruptive to the parking lot when you are backing up and stopping the flow of traffic.

Beginning this Monday, August 28th Mr. Stucker will only be entering the carpool numbers of parents in their cars waiting in the carpool line.  

The carpool line is moving A LOT faster and we are typically done by 4:00 p.m.  Thank you for adhering to our system and helping us keep the line moving and our students and staff safe during a busy time of the school day.

That’s it, Explorers!  Thank you for all that you do to support your child and our school.  If any time you need to speak with Administration, please call the school office at 919-773-7411 and ask for me, Dr. Graf, or one of the assistant principals, Mr. Allain (K-1), Ms. LaPlace (Grades 2-3) and Ms. Anderson (Grades 4-5).  

Your Proud Principal,

Dr. Graf