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Principal Message December 14-18, 2020


This Week...


This week we will see students in Cohort A 4th and 5th grade and Pre K-3rd in Plan B Transition in school. Virtual students remain virtual. If you are uncertain of your cohort assignment, please call the school to inquire and verify attendance.




Positivity Project Character Strength:  Self Control


The Positivity Project Character Strength this week is Self-Control. Self-control means you have the ability to control your emotions and behaviors. You think before you act. Self-control is the act of managing behavior in a way that positively influences goal attainment and living up to standards. Those with self-control are able to limit impulsive behavior. They have the ability to experience and navigate difficulty while remaining poised. They understand that through discipline and restraint, there are greater, long-term goals that they can accomplish. Self-control does not mean a lack of thoughts, feelings, or impulses; it just means you have command over them.

For individuals, self-control helps them delay the short-term gain in pursuit of a greater, long-term success. It gives people the power to diet, study for an exam, or practice a musical instrument. Some psychologists have likened self-control to a muscle: it gets stronger the more it’s used.

A group’s ability to demonstrate self-control often appears in the form of “self-monitoring.” This means that individuals demonstrate honesty with one another about successful group practices. When things are unsuccessful, group members have the ability to adjust roles in the interest of overall group success. It’s a crucial strength in our modern society and its mentality of impulsivity and consumption.

Grades Pre-K-2 questions to discuss with your child this week are:

1. How do you use self-control when things don’t go your way?

2. What do you think would happen if no one showed self-control?

3. What are some strategies you can use to help you practice self-control?

PreK-2 parents click here for more P2 information, a video, and quotes on Self-Control. Password is P2

Grades 3-5 questions to discuss with your child this week are:

1. When was a time you did not show self-control? How could you have handled the situation differently?

2. What can you do to help maintain self-control?

3. How can self-control, or lack of, impact a community?

3-5 parents click here for more P2 information, a video, and quotes on Self-Control. Password is P2


School Improvement PowerHour


School Improvement Parent PowerHour

Join us for our School Improvement Parent PowerHour on December 21st at 12:00. This is a great opportunity to share with families what we are doing in our School Improvement Teams and get input from parents and community members on the next steps in our work.


Here is the flyer to the event:

PTA Dues


PTA Dues

If you haven’t already, please support our PTA. Membership is $6.50 and can be paid by going to this website:

Important Dates


16 Remote Learning/ Asynchronous Day


21 Remote Learning Day & 12:00-1:00 PARENT ENGAGEMENT POWER

HOUR & Mid Quarter Parent Conferences/Check Ins)


22 Remote Learning Day (Mid Quarter Parent Conferences/Check Ins




Virtual Academy Confirmation Letters


Virtual Academy Confirmation Letters will be sent on December 16th. Please check your email by the end of the workday. Thank you.


As we approach this week and our two asynchronous days next week, I want to take a moment to wish you health and happiness. This year has been eventful, unexpected, unpredictable, and yet the one thing we can count on is that time keeps moving us along...moving us forward. Since we won't see each other in a holiday concert or classroom celebration this year, please know that the EGES school family is here for you and wishes you health and happiness as move in the final days before Winter Break.


Proud Principal,

Mrs. Graf