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Principal Message 10/26/2020


This week we welcome back students in Prek, K-3, and Regional Special Ed. programs assigned to Cohort A. These students may board the bus with their completed (and signed) attestation form. Students in Grades 4-5 and students in Cohort B & C are in remote or virtual instruction this week.


The week in review:

Monday- Teacher Workday

Tuesday- Cohort A (see specific student groups above) Return

Wednesday-SEL Night 6:00-7:00  Check your TalkingPoints message for a link to access the events.  



We are ready for student return this week. You will see new procedures and processes for carpool and bus. Please be patient during this time as we solidify our processes.


For Carpool: Remain in your car and follow all directions given by EGES Staff members. A staff member will ask your child the required health screening questions and move you along to the next station. Each student will have their temperature taken. If your student passes the health screening and temperature check, you will be moved along to the carpool drop off zone. If your child fails the screening, you will be asked to pull off into a designated parking spot for the next portion of the screening.


Bus: Students will be screened as they exit the bus. All students are required to pass the health screening process in order to attend school.


Late Arrival: If you should arrive late, please remain in your car and call the front office at 919-773-7411. A health screener will come to you.


Early Sign Out: Please ring the doorbell. An EGES staff member will come to assist you with early sign out.


Thank you for your patience while we put our safety and health protocols into place.

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This week’s Positivity Project Character Strength is Perspective. Individuals who are strong in perspective appreciate when people see things in different ways. They have the ability to understand the world from multiple points of view. Perspective is also referred to as wisdom and is distinct from intelligence. People with this strength are sought out for advice because they see the big picture and can make sense of the world’s complexity. Most importantly, they are honest and behave in an ethically consistent manner. On a group level, perspective helps couples, teams, communities, and societies act wisely and correctly.


Grades K-2 questions to discuss with your child this week are:

1. Why is it important to think about things in different ways?

2. Is it always easy to see things in different ways?

3. When a friend sees something differently than you, what can you do to try and see things from their perspective, or try to get them to see things from your perspective?

K-2 parents click here for more P2 information, a video, and quotes on Perspective. Password is P2


Grades 3-5 questions to discuss with your child this week are:

1. How are perspective and empathy related?

2. Why is it important to think about all perspectives when working with others?

3. Having a different perspective than another person can sometimes cause conflict, but why is it still important? How can this help you better understand the other person?

3-5 parents click here for more P2 information, a video, and quotes on Perspective. Password is P2

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Report Cards will be sent home today via the email address listed in Powerschool. If you do not receive an email with your child's report card, please contact the Front Desk at 919-773-7411.
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With the return of students it is important to take a few moments to review protocols and procedures with your child in preparation for student re-entry. You may have seen this document before, as the district and I have shared it previously with parents via email and the Smore. Please note that the last page requires your signature and should be returned to school with your child on the first day that they attend face to face instruction. A hard copy was given to each student on distribution day this past Wednesday.
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Our PTA is need of a few good parents to hold Officer positions. We need you to support the work of our school. You will have great support from previous officers and school administration. If you are interested, please complete this brief form.


November 3: Workday (and Go Out and Vote Day)

November 11: Holiday- Veteran's Day

November 18: Asynchronous Day

November 23-24: Remote Learning Days

November 25-27: Thanksgiving Break



Thank you for all that you do to support your child and our school. We are going to have a successful re-entry and we look forward to having our new normal include our students and families once again!


All of this information will be posted to our school website and sent out on the SchoolMessenger system.


As always if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at or call the school at 919-773-7411.



Mrs. Graf