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Principal Message 10/18/2020

Cohort Assignment

All cohort assignments for Plan B students were emailed out to email addresses in Powerschools on 10/14.  Each teacher has the cohort assignment for their students.  If you are still in need of your child’s assignment, please email your teacher this week.  Remember, that Virtual Academy students are not assigned a cohort due to their virtual school attendance. 


Talking Points: Please be on the lookout for two messages this week from your child’s teacher.  On Monday, you will receive a message regarding the carpool sign up process.  If you need carpool, please complete the Google Form.  If you do not need a carpool number, please disregard.  On Wednesday, you will receive a reminder about the school asynchronous day.  The staff and I are excited about the re-opening of school and will be preparing and practicing our final processes and procedures for student safety this Wednesday. Just a reminder that all students are required to wear a mask on campus at all times. 


Yellow Bus Transportation:  Many of you registered for yellow bus transportation when you selected Plan B and when the district sent out the transportation survey.  If you registered for transportation, you should be assigned a bus route.  Bus routes will be posted on the WCPSS transportation website by Tuesday, October 20th.  AP Anderson and teachers will work to send you a message regarding your child’s bus stop this week.  Each parent should complete this form in order to ride the bus on your assigned cohort week.  Hard copies of the form will go home THIS Wednesday for Supplies and Materials Distribution.  Bus Attestation Distribution is scheduled from 2-5 p.m. THIS Wednesday.  All students are required to wear a mask at all times while on campus (parking lot, playground/fields, and in the building).


Student and Family Preparing to Return to Campus Guide: I want to send out again the Student and Family Preparing to Return to Campus Guide.  Please review this document as it contains important information about safety and health protocols and processes that your child will need to follow while on campus.  The resources below will assist you in preparing your child and you for school re-entry.  


 Return to Campus guide;


Carpool & Bus Routine Summary

Bus Summary:  Students will enter the bus with their attestation form. Upon arrival to campus, students will remain on the bus until the health check has been completed and passed. If a student does not pass a health screening process, parents will be contacted for immediate pick up. The Covid-19 Coordinator will contact the parent with directions for safe pick up. 


Carpool Summary:  All students and parents must remain in their vehicle during the carpool process.  When you enter the carpool loop, proceed with caution as there will be EGES Staff members directing traffic to health check locations.  Each student will be asked the health screening questions and must respond to each question.  Parents cannot respond for their children.  Each student will have their temperature taken with a touchless thermometer.  All students must be fever free in order to exit the vehicle and enter the building.  IF a student fails the temperature check or health screening questions, you will be directed to pull into a designated health check area to allow for secondary screening processes to be implemented.  If the student should fail the health screening process, the student will be denied access to the building and you will be given additional guidance. This process will take time so please plan accordingly. 


Late Arrival/Early Pick Up:  Parents will ring the bell or call the school main line for early check outs.  Early check outs will end at 3:15 and you will be requested to the carpool line after this time.  Late arrival:  Parents will call the main line and a health screener will come to the vehicle and complete the required health screening process.  No student should be dropped off at the school under any circumstances. This process will take time so please plan accordingly.  


Positivity Project:  This week’s Positivity Project focus is Creativity.  Creative people come up with new and original ways to think about and do things. Creativity takes courage. People who create, do so because they love the act of creating something, they do not need an award.  The act of creating itself makes them happy.  On a group level, creativity is vital. It helps us solve seemingly impossible problems, create something we never knew we wanted, or simply see the world in a new way.

K-2 Questions to discuss with your child this week are:

  1.   How do people show creativity?
  2.   If you could invent something what would it be? How would it help others?
  3.   When others are practicing their creativity, how can we encourage and support them?

3-5 Questions to discuss with your child this week are:

  1.   How could you use creativity to make a difference in your community?
  2.   If you could give an adult advice on how to be more creative, what would you say?
  3.   Why is creativity important to our future?

The character strengths from the past several weeks have been Curiosity, Teamwork, Open-Mindedness and Forgiveness.  Visit the P2 for Families page and enter P2 as the password to view videos, quotes, and questions for family discussions!

That's it Explorers!  This message will be updated on our school website under Principal Messages. 

Proud Principal,
Mrs. Graf