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Message from Mrs. Graf July 7, 2020

Correction to the previous transportation post:

FYI: Message to yellow bus riders regarding safety protocols

Transportation is contacting riders again this afternoon in light of new protocols that will be in place to protect student health and safety and giving them the opportunity to decline bus service if they wish. We need to know as accurately as possible how many students will be riding the bus next year.

If your child has been approved for bus transportation, please see below:

Wake County students already receiving bus service, transportation will continue for next year. If your child was at a school other than EGES he/she will need to request a bus to be routed to EGES.

New to Wake County (Kindergarten) or new student without transportation- upon registering at base school, a request for transportation will be required at that time. Student’s transportation will be routed to EGES if registered at a different school.

All students will receive confirmation of their bus route by email or phone message prior to the first day of school.

Please see this link:
for any additional information about bus transportation including requesting a stop.

For questions about transportation, please contact Ms. Anderson at or me at

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My Best, Mrs. Graf
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