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Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge

Combs' students have logged over 1,000,000 minutes in the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge this summer! Amazing! We are still 1st Place in NC, leading our competitors by about 250,000 minutes! Congrats to these classes for remaining ON TOP all summer: Mr. Charland's 5th graders, Ms. Miles' 4th graders, Ms. Knight's 3rd graders, Ms. Falkner's 2nd graders, Ms. Klager and Ms. Norman's 1st graders, and Ms. St. Jeor's K students. The challenge is still going on and will continue until Friday, September 6. That means you can continue to log minutes from summer reading and when we see you in August, we can STILL read and log! If you have forgotten your login information, email

If you are looking for some great reads to finish out the summer, Quail Ridge Books will welcome author/illustrator Jonathan V. Ross with the 2nd book in the Hoot and Olive series "Imagine That" in August, as well as more children's literature authors and illustrators in September.

imagine that

AND, finally, here are a couple of reading suggestions from authors you may already know:

shoutingattherain  thegoodegg