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Kids Heart Challenge Fundraiser

Thank you for supporting our AB Combs "Kids Heart Challenge (formerly JRFH)".  Through February 15, your child will be focused on heart-healthy choices in PE classes.  We encourage you to participate in fundraising to support life-saving heart research. Our school goal is $20,000.   Fundraising begins today 1/22.  When finished fundraising donations can be brought to Coach Hook in the gym on Friday mornings between 8:00-8:30.  Our last day of the event is February 15.  Once your child has raised their first $5. they can bring the coupon to school to get their first thank you prize (no need to bring the donation until all fundraising is complete).  Online fundraising is the safest and fastest way to raise $.  However, if you do face to face fundraising,  please note that all checks must be made out to the American Heart Association.  Your fundraising efforts will not only help children w/ special hearts but will also support increasing our AB Combs PE equipment supplies.  Thank you for taking part in our campaign and encouraging your child to be a heart hero. 


Click HERE to go the website for the Kids Heart Challenge!