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Spirit Week for Bully Prevention

Bully Prevention and Spreading Kindness Week!

October is National Bullying Prevention Month. During the week of October 22 - October 26th, students can dress up each day to spread a message of caring, friendship, and putting a stop to bullying. We will be doing several school-wide activities to Spread Kindness! We encourage everyone to dress up - this will represent A.B. Combs' pride and support for everyone being treated with respect! 


Monday, Oct. 22nd - Superhero Day

Dress as your favorite superhero to show that you will stand up for yourself and others!


Tuesday, Oct. 23rd - World UNITY Day

Wer ORANGE to say that you will stand up for others and for yourself!


Wednesday, Oct. 24th - Take a Walk in Someone Else's Shoes

Wear two different shoes to show empathy and compassion for someone else's situation. 


Thursday, Oct. 25th - Inside Out Day

Wear clothes inside out to show how bullying hurts on the inside, even if it doesn't show on the outside. 


Friday, Oct. 26th - Team A.B. Combs Day

Show we can all work together as a team by wearing your A.B. Combs gear or wear green.