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The Sunday Kickoff Message for 12/12/21

Baucom Parents & Guardians,

This is Dr. Saunders with the final Sunday Kickoff Message of 2021! Can you even believe it? The next Sunday Kickoff Message will light up your phone on Sunday, January 2nd, the night before the kids return to school.

Please do the following in terms of reporting COVID or dealing with COVID around and over the Winter break. First, please continue, as usual, to report positive COVID cases to COVID Coordinator Headlee by calling us here at Baucom or emailing her at between now and Tuesday, December 21st. From December 22nd to Saturday, January 1st, there is no need to report to Ms. Headlee. Please resume reporting to her on Sunday, January 2nd and beyond. Obviously, as always, DO NOT send your Aviator or Aviators to school on January 3rd or later if they are experiencing any COVID symptoms OR actually have COVID. If COVID occurs during the break, simply quarantine and follow the instructions provided to you following the positive test. I hope everyone has a COVID-free Winter break!

Next, the PTA is pleased to bring back the Science Expo for February of 2022! Registration season is upon us and science poster boards must be picked up this Thursday or Friday. Please check out the Science Expo flyer for all the electrifying details!

Baucom's 3rd Annual Holiday Spirit Week is Dec. 13th-17th. This is for all staff and students and virtual students.

  • 12/13-Holiday Headgear and Face Covering Day - hats, headbands, and face coverings
  • 12/14-Light It Up Day - anything with lights
  • 12/15-Tacky Holiday Sweater Day - the tackier the better
  • 12/16-Winter Wonderland White Out - wear as much snowy white as possible
  • 12/17-Holiday PJ's/Pajama Bottoms Day

Beginning this Tuesday, decorated bins from each 5th grade homeroom will be outside the cafeteria for ANY Aviator, preK to 5th grade, to drop NEW Winter hats, gloves, and scarves off for a local shelter or clothing closet. This drive is part of our new 5th Graders Giving Back service project. It’ll be fun for students to select which homeroom they want to support and we all learn something about helping those less fortunate than us during the coldest time of the year. The drive will continue into 2022 and wrap up on Monday, January 10th. Thank you for giving in this way if you are able. 

Thank you all and a very happy Winter Break to you and yours, from all of us at Baucom!


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Important Links


- PTA now has brand-new spirit wear and spirit items for sale! Check out the new swag HERE.


-When you check-in or check-out your Aviator from Baucom, we are now getting real fancy with it. Please bring your smartphone with you to the front doors where you will scan the QR code to access our check-in/check-out Google doc. After the necessary information has been entered, you’ll be all set and we’ll retrieve your child to either get them to class or get them to you. Don’t worry if you do not have a device that works or do not feel comfortable with this process. Mrs. Headlee or another office professional will be happy to assist you.


- We’ve been provided an exciting new resource to share with you all from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. The site is called Literacy at Home and it’s one of the better resources the state has ever produced for parents. The brief intro video is linked HERE and the flyer itself is HERE. The flyer will link you to the website where you’ll find at-home literacy resources for Kindergarten to 5th grade. I really hope you’ll make use of it, remembering that our Aviators need to spend 20-30 minutes a night reading, or being read to, each and every week.


-Please monitor your Aviator for COVID-like symptoms in the evenings and mornings before school. This may seem obvious and most everyone is doing a great job with this, but please DO NOT send them to school if they’re displaying any of the COVID-like symptoms. Furthermore, if you’re unsure what you should do, email our COVID Coordinator, Valerie Headlee, the teacher, and me to ask your questions. Mrs. Headlee’s email is and mine is


Important Dates

2021 Winter Spirit Week: December 13th-17th

Pickup Science Expo Poster boards: December 16th-17th

2021 Winter Break: No School, December 20th – January 2nd

Monday, January 3rd, 2022: Students return to school from Winter Break