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The Sunday Kickoff Message for 10/10/21

Baucom Parents & Guardians,

This is Dr. Saunders with this week’s Sunday Kickoff Message.

First tonight, please remember that there is NO SCHOOL tomorrow as we have a Teacher Workday in the traditional school calendar tomorrow. Our Aviators return to school Tuesday morning this week.

PTA and I cannot thank all of you enough for your tremendous contributions during BoosterThon this year! We raised over $39000 this year. The students had a blast on Thursday during their Fun Run and we look forward to relaxed restrictions next year so that you all can once again be present to cheer them on. Again, thank you so much!

Speaking of PTA, the October PTA meeting is Tuesday evening at 6pm. It’s virtual, via this Google Meet link. We hope you can join us!

PTA would like to thank our amazing teachers for all they do each day.  In addition to their normal responsibilities, they’ve supported the BoosterThon fundraiser by giving class incentives like extra recess or a pie in the face! They are GREAT sports.  PTA wants to thank them with a refueling station this Wednesday, October 13th.  If you can help with this, please sign up here:

Additionally, from PTA, they need some volunteers to help with the Fall Book Fair next week.  You must come to Baucom to register as a volunteer, if you haven’t yet this year.  Please sign up here to help:

And lastly tonight, please know that we have a lockdown drill coming very soon so that we’re always prepared. Teachers have done a great job of practicing this with our Aviators and also explaining it in a kid-friendly type of way. If you have any questions or concerns, reach out directly to your Aviator’s teacher. If it’s admin-related, Mrs. Huffman and I are here to help answer questions too.

Thank you all, remember NO SCHOOL tomorrow, and be sure to check out the Previews & Reviews section of the emailed version of this message for more important news, notes, and nuggets. Rest assured tonight, we’re #ClearedForTakeoff for another great week at Baucom Elementary. Good night.


Previews & Reviews

Important Links

-If you haven’t completed your Aviator’s emergency contact form yet, please take a few minutes, at the conclusion of this call, to complete this very, very important information so that we’ll have it on file. It is linked HERE.


-Please monitor your Aviator for COVID-like symptoms in the evenings and mornings before school. This may seem obvious and most everyone is doing a great job with this, but please DO NOT send them to school if they’re displaying any of the COVID-like symptoms. Furthermore, if you’re unsure what you should do, email our COVID Coordinator, Valerie Headlee, the teacher, and me to ask your questions. Mrs. Headlee’s email is and mine is


Baucom’s Student Support Services Team is here to help any family in need. Here’s a LINK to let this team of professionals know how we can help.


-Check out this FLYER from the Town of Apex that provides information about the upcoming bond referendum on the November 2nd ballot. If approved, we believe we would see the installation of sidewalks near Baucom and within our walk zone, making for a safer trip to and from school. Nevertheless, these things are always for the general public to decide at the ballot box, so check it out, Apex residents.


-During the week of October 25th-October 29th, Baucom will hold an entire week of activities to promote, celebrate, and support both Red Ribbon Week and National Bullying Prevention and Awareness Month.  This year we will hold a Poster Contest for all students.  Posters are due to the School Counselors (room 107) no later than Thursday, October 28th at 9:30am to be displayed outside the front office.  A committee will judge the posters for a winner to be announced Friday morning (one winner per grade level)!  Winners will receive a Baucom T-Shirt!  Please see contest rules on the reverse side of the flyer linked HERE.


-If you need a convenient place to check the A through E Specials Rotation Day, on a particular day this year, we will now have this information on the Baucom website calendar. That’s the calendar you’ll find on our Baucom school website. Your Aviator will need to know which Special their particular class has on each day, A through E, but the calendar can tell you which day is coming up next in the rotation.



Important Dates

Monday, October 11: No School, Teacher Workday

October 18-22, during the school day: PTA’s Fall Book Fair

Thursday, October 21, 5-7pm: Fall Book Fair Family Night!

Monday, October 25, during the school day: SCHOOL PICTURE DAY

October 25-29: Red Ribbon & Anti-Bullying Week

Wednesday, October 27: No School, Teacher Workday

Tuesday, November 2: No School, Teacher Workday

Thursday, November 11: No School, Veteran’s Day Holiday